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About us

What does NOITEX do?

NOITEX specializes in managing risk. We set out to

manage risk by getting to the root of the problem and

planning before the fact, not after.

Corporate and IT Governance is critical in effectively

managing risk, this is why NOITEX has specialized in IT

Governance and aligns very closely to standards such as


What is NOITEX?

NOITEX stands for “Network of IT Excellence”.

“Governance is not only IT, it is a matter of effective

business management and reduces risk”.

NOITEX members undergo an in-depth screening

process and must prove competence, not only in

their field of expertise, but also in business


We strive to ensure that all consultants meet a

high standard of business as well as management


“Managing Risk is a key responsibility of executive level management ”

Our Services



Risk Management

IT Security

IT Service Management

Resilience Services

Transition Programs


Cyber Security Checks

Custom Audits

IT Compliance


Project Audits

Program Audits

IT Security Audits

Interim Management

Program Management

Project Management

Project Portfolio Management


Data Security Management

Risk Management as a Service

“Regardless of the business you are in, Governance and Security are vital”

About us