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“You can view things objectively only if you are neither a part

of the problem nor a part of the solution. “

“NOITEX Risk Management as a Service will help you manage risk by developing the RM organization, strategies, standards, and procedures without having to hire on. Let us do the leg work while you concentrate on business.”

·NoITEx RMaaS is a service designed for those customers who do not have the internal resources to effectively manage business

risks associated with IT and Information Systems.

·NoITEx RmaaS team members are trained and certified Information Systems Security Professionals as well as Certified

Information System Auditors. Our team understands the needs of business and the issues associated with IT vs. Business



·NoITEx offers customers the flexibility of having a Governance organization without having to increase permanent staff count.

 NoITEx RMaaS is a means to partially outsource Risk Management activities and still meet regulatory and business


RMaaS Delivers

Although Risk management responsibility must remain within the organization and cannot logically be outsourced, 

the NoITEx RMaaS team will assist your risk managers to develop, implement and enforce RM topics at the

operational level.