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Corporate Governance
“IT Governance is vital in managing Risk, Security, and Crisis” IT Governance should be an integral part of the Corporate Governance Process
Fast-paced economies, increasing dependency on Information system is drastically increasing the need to  manage IT effectively. IT governance processes ensure that IT supports business goals. IT Governance also optimizes business investment in IT, and appropriately manages IT-related risk and  opportunities. It accomplishes this by implementing processes that control the risk by placing governance on the  business side and ensuring that business requirements are transparent to the IT organization. IT Governance does not only reduce risk, it also optimises projects by introducing project portofolio management, thus ensuring that synergies in the IT systems and processes are capitalized upon and reduces IT over kill or  undersizing.
IT Governance
“Enterprises are sacrificing money, productivity, and competitive advantage by not implementing effective IT governance”
NOITEX offers an introductory workshop package to help get you off to an effective start in implenting IT Governance in your organisation.