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NOITEX uses proven methodologies in developing Governance organizations and processes. We are professionals in developing Governance Strategies, with emphasis on aligning and integrating Corporate Governance and the IT Governance processes into one global governance process.
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NOITEX follows an approach that ensures that Corporate Governance Organizations are able to manage all aspects of risk. The concept is to embed the IT Governance Organization on the business side whilst involving IT Delivery and Service Management directly into the governance process. We take an approach in developing governance organizations and processes to ensure that the end to end business process can be protected and remain functional even in a crisis situation. Our approach is to simultaneously address both the business (Demand)  and the IT Service (Delivery) processes to ensure that both are compliant and processes are aligned. This enables a cost savings potential by avoiding over, or mis-investment, in IT projects and ensuring that adequate and required services are delivered to support the business process. Aligning these processes with the IT organization helps get the right entities involved at the right time. NOITEX is leaned on best practice standards and  methodologies such as COBIT 5, ISO 27001and 38500

Governance - the enabling process for business control